Making Sense series

A new series of books published by SPCK and sponsored by Modern Church exploring aspects of Christian faith from a liberal perspective.

These first two books will be available from Modern Church shortly.

Making Sense of God's Love: Atonement and Redemption

Lorraine Cavanagh

SPCK Publishing, June 2011. Paperback, 96 pages.

Many people are put off Christianity by the idea of God punishing his Son for our sins. They find it hard to believe in a loving God who appears to be so angry and vindictive. This book addresses some of these difficult questions. It will form ideal reading for those wanting to return to their faith, or those who would like to explore it in greater depth. The book aims to create an open theological landscape, which will take account of the many different ways in which we are saved and restored.

Making Sense of the Bible

Helen-Ann Hartley

SPCK Publishing, June 2011. Paperback, 96 pages.

Again and again, we hear that such-and-such an opinion is not 'biblical', implying that the Bible speaks with a unified voice on any matter. With humour and examples drawn from art and life, Helen-Ann Hartley argues that to appreciate fully the Bible's richness and diversity, we have to wrestle critically and creatively with themes that attract us and repel us.