Together in Hope series

Produced jointly with PCN Britain, Free to Believe and St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity, the aim of this series is to encourage those who seek a credible Christian faith for the twenty-first century. We hope it will be helpful to individuals and groups, inside and outside the Church, who are exploring questions of faith and belief.

Christmas: Ancient Meanings, Modern Faith, 35 pages, is by Adrian Alker and considers the significance of the ancient stories of the nativity of Christ for our world today. Contents:

  1. The Truth is in the Meaning
  2. Matthew's Good News
  3. Luke - Good News for All
  4. Humbug or Blessing? Emerging Themes
  5. Celebrating Christmas

At the end of each chapter there are some questions which may be helpful in promoting discussion if this book is being used by a group of people or as a study course. The book ends, as do all the books in this series, with suggestions for further reading and resources available for more study and practical use.

Jesus Then and Now, 40 pages, also by John Simmonds, is for those who want to dig deeper into the historical account and contemporary relevance of Jesus' message. Contents:

  1. Who was Jesus - looking at the earliest records
  2. Jesus - announcing Good News
  3. What did the Good News mean for Jesus' disciples?
  4. Who did Jesus become?
  5. Jesus and the Way - Jesus and His followers
  6. Jesus is mine - personal experience
  7. Will you come and follow me?

Walk the Jesus Walk, 32 pages, by John Simmonds is intended for groups such as teenagers or enquirers who are exploring what it means to be a follower of Jesus for the first time. It is organised as a six part programme. Contents:

  1. My story, my journey
  2. Finding out more about Jesus
  3. What Jesus stood for
  4. Jesus and His Friends
  5. Following in the Way
  6. Living it out - a Programme for Tomorrow

Together in Hope, 96 pages, is the original collection of 10 essays by leading progressive Christian thinkers. Edited by Adrian Alker, it includes contributions from Steven Shakespeare, Marcus J. Borg, John Dominic Crossan, Keith Ward, Jill Sandham and Hugh Dawes, Jonathan Clatworthy, Christina Rees, Paula Clifford, Clare Herbert and Jim Cotter.

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History of the project

In 2008 a number of organisations came together to set out their vision of the Christian faith and how the Church could be. PCN Britain, Modern Church, Inclusive Church and many other groups met to plan their 'witness' to this vision for the 2008 Lambeth Conference. One outcome was the small book Together in Hope, a collection of short essays outlining a landscape for the Christian faith and hopes for the Church. Together in Hope sold well and was a sign of how valuable such resources are to people in churches and groups who yearn for a Church fit for the twenty-first century.

From that experience has grown this collaboration between Modern Church, PCN Britain, St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity and Free to Believe. Keeping as a strap line the phrase Together in Hope - Resources for Christian Faith Today the group has embarked on the task of producing a series of short, readable resource books.

Contributions invited

The Together in Hope venture is not only collaborative between organisations but also hopes that people 'out there' might feel able themselves to contribute to the series either in offering a chapter on a chosen theme or indeed a whole book. You can email the editorial team at [email protected]