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Adams, Marilyn McCord

Marilyn McCord Adams is Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Modern Church Vice-president.

Women Bishops and the February Synod (Apr 2009)

PDFUnfit for Purpose - or, why a pan-Anglican Covenant at this time is a very bad idea! (Jul 2008)

PDFA Shameless Defense of a Liberal Church (Jul 2006)

Alker, Adrian

Adrian Alker is Director for Mission Resourcing in the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds.

Yes we can! (Jan 2009)

St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity (Jul 2006)

Alker, Christine

Christine Alker is Modern Church administrator.

Greenbelt 2011 (Sep 2011)

Modern Church at Greenbelt (Oct 2010)

Joint Publications Project (Apr 2010)

Anketell, Jeyan

The doctrine of the Trinity and interfaith dialogue (Jul 2010)

Ashton, Elizabeth

Dr Elizabeth Ashton, formerly a Primary School Teacher, is a recently retired Lecturer in Religious and Moral Education at the University of Durham. She is the author of many articles on metaphor in religion and books on Religious Education, some jointly with Dr Brenda Watson.

Letter: Reply to Faith at School (Jul 2007)

Atherton, John

Revd Dr John Atherton is Senior Research Fellow at the William Temple Foundation and former Canon Theologian at Manchester Cathedral.

AudioTheology and Political Economy in the 21st Century (Jul 2010)

Badham, Paul

Revd Prof Paul Badham is Emeritus Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David (Lampeter Campus) and a Modern Church Vice-president.

Liberal Theology in the Contemporary World (Oct 2011)

Recent Developments within the Anglican Communion (Jul 2011)

The Centenary of 'The Modern Churchman/Modern Believing' (Apr 2011)

Shifting Paradigms: Theology and Economics in the 21st Century (Jan 2011)

Modern Church (Oct 2010)

Attitudes of Lay Anglicans to Current Controversies (Apr 2010)

Liberal Theology in the Contemporary World (Jan 2010)

Religion in America today (Oct 2009)

Why the Church needs Liberal Theology (Jul 2009)

Widening Horizons (Apr 2009)

Conference papers and Martyn Percy on Bishop Gene Robinson (Oct 2008)

The Historic Anglican Recognition of 'Change and Alteration' (Jul 2008)

Pacifism and the Just War Traditions (Apr 2008)

A more permissive attitude (Jan 2008)

Ministerial challenges (Oct 2007)

The Anglican Liberal Tradition (Apr 2006)

Terminally Ill Bill (Jan 2006)

Modernist Theology (2006)

PDFA Christianity that can be Believed in

PDFLiberal Anglicanism

Liberal Theology of the 20th Century and for the 21st (Feb 2003)

Bagshaw, Paul

Paul Bagshaw lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. He is a volunteer with the East Area Asylum Seekers Support Group.

The Anglican Church In North America (Jan 2010)

PDFBriefing Paper for General Synod Members (Feb 2009)

The Covenant will not do (Jul 2008)

Revelation - extracts from an email discussion (Jul 2008)

PDFWho Steers the Ship? The poverty of the Draft Anglican Covenant (Jun 2008)

PDFBriefing Paper for General Synod (Feb 2008)

PDFA flow chart showing the proposed disciplinary process (Appendix to the St Andrews draft) (Feb 2008)

PDFReply to the Church of England's Response to the Draft Anglican Covenant (Feb 2008)

PDFA Response to The Draft Anglican Convenant (Nassau) (May 2007)

Bouncing the Covenant through the Anglican Communion (Jul 2007)

Opening prayer to an Epiphany Service (2007)

PDFResponse to Towards an Anglican Covenant (Nov 2006)

A reflection for three voices for Epiphany

A responsorial form of Psalm 98 for Epiphany

Barnes, Donald

Donald Barnes is a retired priest in the Diocese of London. He was on General Synod from 1985 to 1995.

Where Have all the Voters gone? (Jul 2005)

Barnes, Sally

Donald Barnes - a tribute (Oct 2011)

Bartles-Smith, Douglas

Douglas Bartles-Smith was an Anglican priest in inner London for 40 years. He has recently retired from being Archdeacon of Southwark and Chaplain to the Queen.

Fighting Fundamentalism (Jul 2007)

Barton, John

Revd Professor John Barton is Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture at the University of Oxford and Modern Church President.

AudioThe New Atheism: Reflections of a Biblical Scholar (Jul 2011)

Bayley, Michael

Michael Bayley is a retired Anglican priest. He tells us he was persuaded by the birth of two grandchildren that he wants to do what he can to ensure that they, and the rest of humanity, have a world that is fit to live in when they are as old as he is now.

Climate change - A vision of a low carbon future (Jan 2008)

Baynes, Will

PDFA rite for use at the cremation of unborn children

Belben, Tim

Jehovah's witness? (Jan 2012)

Divine Glory - and facing the wrong way (Jul 2009)

The God of Natural Processes (Jan 2009)

Bending, Richard

Communion - First or Last? (Oct 2006)

Blyth, Graham

Dr Graham Blyth is Priest in Charge, St John Baptist, Danbury and Non-Residentiary Canon of Chelmsford Cathedral.

'Reclothed in our rightful mind?' (Oct 2006)

Boyd, Pat

Pat Boyd is former head of Religious Education, George Watson's College, Edinburgh, and is presently working for the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

New Developments in Religious Observance in Scottish Schools (Apr 2005)

Bradnum, Margaret

What do Christians believe about God? (Jan 2011)

Braybrooke, Marcus

Revd Dr Marcus Braybrooke is President of the World Congress of Faiths and Co-Founder of the Three Faiths Forum.

Learning from and working with Other Faiths (Jul 2006)

PDFInterfaith Priorities

Brett, Paul

Paul Brett is Rector of St Mary's Shenfield and one of the General Synod members representing the Diocese of Chelmsford.

'42' Tribunals? (Oct 2004)

Brocklehurst, Theodore

The Birth of the Churchman's Union (Apr 1911)

Brown, Andrew

Andrew Brown is Cif belief editor for The Guardian.

PDFA journalist's view of Anglicanism (Jul 2008)

Brown, Malcolm

Revd Dr Malcolm Brown is Director of Mission and Public Affairs for the Church of England.

AudioLocal Responses to Economic Downturns (Jul 2010)

Bryant, Audrey Theodosia

To Lambeth in the Summertime - a poem (Apr 2008)

Two Poems (Jul 2007)

In the Wilderness

Bunyan, John

Revd Dr John Bunyan of 'St Kiaran Colenso', Campbelltown, is a retired priest of the Diocese of Sydney, Australia, and a member also of King's Chapel, Boston, a unique church that is Anglican in its forms of worship (using a revision of The Book of Common Prayer), unitarian and free Christian in theology, and congregational in polity.

Servetus and Colenso: Valiant for Truth (Jan 2004)

Burg, Roger

Re-enacting Gay Marriage (Apr 2004)

Butler, Simon

Simon Butler is Team Rector of Sanderstead and an Honorary Canon of Southwark Cathedral. He is also a member of General Synod.

A Hopeful Future for English Evangelicalism (Apr 2007)

Camroux, Martin

Martin Camroux is Minister of Trinity Sutton United Reformed Church and Methodist Church and Chair of the Free To Believe committee.

Free to Believe (Jul 2006)

What Makes a Vital Liberal Congregation? (Jan 2004)

Cavanagh, Lorraine

Lorraine Cavanagh is an Anglican priest in the Church in Wales and education officer for the Awareness Foundation.

Learning for a Living - Why Clergy Education Matters (Apr 2008)

Clatworthy, Jonathan

Jonathan Clatworthy lives in Liverpool and is Modern Church General Secretary. He has worked as a parish priest, university chaplain and lecturer in Ethics.

What would Jesus occupy? (Jan 2012)

Instead of the Anglican Covenant (Dec 2011)

Enforced listening? (Oct 2011)

Greenbelt 2011 (Sep 2011)

Liberals are not afraid of change (Jul 2011)

What is the Anglican Covenant for? (Apr 2011)

Letters to the Editor (Apr 2011)

The case against the Anglican Covenant (Feb 2011)

Open believing (Jan 2011)

Reply to Andrew Goddard (21 Nov 2010)

Reply to defenders of the proposed Anglican Covenant (10 Nov 2010)

Women bishops and valid sacraments (Aug 2010)

Women bishops and catholicity (Aug 2010)

General Synod matters (Jul 2010)

Priests, sacrifices and modern economics (Jul 2010)

Adiaphora and Bishop Wright's Presidential Address (Jun 2010)

Authority in Christian doctrine (lecture at GRAS AGM) (May 2010)

Identity and truth (Apr 2010)

Response to Neal Michell's Is the Anglican Covenant Non-Anglican? (Jan 2010)

Is it modern to be modern? (Jan 2010)

Gift and gratitude (Oct 2009)

Richard Hooker's views on the authority of scripture (Sep 2009)

Communion, Covenant and our Anglican Future: MCU's reply to Drs Williams and Wright (Aug 2009)

Liberal Theology: To Bring Peace or a Sword? (Jul 2009)

Positive liberal believing (Jul 2009)

Natural theology and the state of the world (Apr 2009)

Liberalism when it's liberal (Jan 2009)

Lambeth Conference: talking shop or legislator? (Oct 2008)

Do we speak the same language? (Jul 2008)

Are we speaking to each other, or just shouting? (Jul 2008)

What do we expect of church leaders? (Apr 2008)

PDFBriefing Paper for General Synod (Feb 2008)

PDFReply to the Church of England's Response to the Draft Anglican Covenant (Feb 2008)

What needs to be freshly expressed? (Jan 2008)

Climate and Church in Malawi (Jan 2008)

The MCU conference and aggressive non-violence (Nov 2007)

Natural theology, the Bible and the church (Oct 2007)

Good religion, good science (Jul 2007)

PDFReason and reconciliation (Jun 2007, for Lambeth 2008)

PDFHomosexuality and the Bible (Jun 2007, for Lambeth 2008)

PDFListening and Learning (Jun 2007, for Lambeth 2008)

PDFResponse to The Draft Anglican Convenant (Nassau) (May 2007)

Religious Exceptions (Apr 2007)

What price unity? (Apr 2007)

Who wants to be evangelized? (Jan 2007)

Covenant - or Ultimatum? (Jan 2007)

PDFWhy we are writing to the bishops (Dec 2006)

PDFResponse to Towards an Anglican Covenant (Nov 2006)

Liberals and Conservatives in the Church (Nov 2006)

The dangers of certainty (Oct 2006)

A Two-tier Anglicanism? (Jul 2006)

Not how we do it in the UK (Jul 2006)

The Resurrection: Help or Hindrance to Faith? (Apr 2006)

Concluding chapter from The Windsor Report: A Liberal Response (2005)

Should the Church split?

On the popularity of religious leaders (Oct 2005)

Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ (Jul 2005)

Liberal issues and liberal method (Jul 2005)

The tsunami and God (Apr 2005)

A Time to Die? The Mental Incapacity Bill and living wills (Jan 2005)

The Pleasures of Hell (Jan 2004)

Colton, Paul

Don't erect walls of exclusion (Jul 2006)

Cooke, Gillian

Gillian Cooke is an Anglican priest who has worked as a chaplain in higher education, industry, prisons and Rampton Hospital.

PDFCreated by God: Christianity and Homosexuality in the 21st Century (3rd edition, 2010)

The Windsor process would have blocked abolition (Oct 2009)

The Disappearance of Science and Medicine (Jul 2006)

Cornwall, Susannah

Dr Susannah Cornwall is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Lincoln Theological Institute, Manchester University.

AudioContextual Bible Study: A Case Study with Homeless and Vulnerably-Housed People (Jul 2011)

Cotter, Jim

Jim Cotter is an ordained but free range Anglican, writer and publisher (as Cairns Publications), a roving speaker, exploring into God, and trying to bring the sexual and the spiritual together. He is a founder member of LGCM.

Beauty and Belief (Jan 2006)

Cowley, Catherine

Catherine Cowley is Associate Director of the Heythrop Institute.

AudioUsury in the 21st Century: interfaith discussion (Jul 2010)

Crockett, Anthony

Anthony Crockett was the Bishop of Bangor.

Calvin, Hermeneutics and the Sexuality Debate (Nov 2006)

Civil Partnerships (Apr 2006)

Dalby, Mark

Mark Dalby is Archdeacon Emeritus of Rochdale.

Book review - Mark Rees, Dear Sir or Madam: A Journey from Female to Male (Jan 2010)

Darlington, Richard

Richard Darlington is a retired Emmaus trustee.

Abb Pierre (Apr 2007)

Daunt, Patrick

After teaching classics, Patrick Daunt has mostly worked in comprehensive and special needs education and disability rights. He's now a churchwarden in a village in south Cambridgeshire.

The Anglican Communion Covenant (Mar 2011)

Davison, Anne

Canon Dr Anne Davison has recently retired after fifteen years as the Bishop of Chelmsford's Adviser for Inter Faith Relations.

The Challenge of Multi-Culturalism (Jan 2006)

The Threat of the Headscarf (Apr 2004)

Dawn, Maggi

Revd Dr Maggi Dawn is Dean of Marquand Chapel and Associate Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity Schoo.

AudioThe Bible, Culture and the Arts (Jul 2011)

Deacon, Laura

Laura Deacon is Information Officer for Christian Ecology Link. She is actively involved in the Quaker Living Witness Project. She lives near to Silverdale/Arnside, in North Lancashire, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and spends time walking and exploring there.

We too are Nature (Apr 2005)

Dennis, Trevor

PDFThe Bible - air balloon or millstone? (Jul 2006)

Dormer, Duncan

Revd Duncan Dormor is the Dean of St John's College, Cambridge and lectures in Sociology of Religion within the Divinity Faculty and the Cambridge Theological Federation. Before ordination, he worked for the charity ONE Plus ONE: Marriage and Partnership Research with Dr Jack Dominian.

'Reading' cohabitation (Apr 2004)

Dorrell, Joan

Joan Dorrell is a former Modern Church Council member.

A View from the Pew (Jan 2008)

Dorrien, Gary

Gary Dorrien is Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, Professor of Religion at Columbia University, and an Episcopal priest.

AudioThe Crisis and Necessity of Liberal Theology (Jul 2009)

Driscoll, David

David Driscoll is former Executive Officer for Mission in London's Economy and a Modern Church Council member.

Once more with feeling (Oct 2008)

The Revd Canon Chris Bard (Oct 2007)

Drummond, Terry

Terry Drummond CA is the Bishop of Southwark's Adviser on Urban and Public Policy.

A New Paradigm? St Paul's Cathedral (tents and protestors) (Nov 2011)

Eccleston, Frances

Frances Eccleston is Priest-in-charge at St Columba, Crosspool in Sheffield.

Mr and Mrs Jesus and their son (Apr 2007)

Edwards, David L

Very Revd Dr David Edwards is former Dean of Norwich and Provost of Southwark.

O My God! (Jan 2006)

The Future of the Anglican Communion (Jul 2004)

Fairhurst, David

David Fairhurst is a retired Economics lecturer and a strong advocate of inter-faith dialogue.

The land that lies between religious belief and non-belief (Jul 2005)

Thoughts on viewing the Hagar Qim Temple in Malta (Apr 2005)

Faull, Bill

Are We Born in the Image of God? (Nov 2007)

Ferraby, Lyn

Lyn Ferraby is a Reader in the Church of England and a member of the commitees of both GRAS (the Group for the rescinding of the Act of Synod) and WATCH (Women and the Church).

Misuse of the Act of Synod 1993

Fitzgerald, Valpy

Valpy Fitzgerald is Professor of International Development at Oxford University.

AudioImplications of the Credit Crunch on Global Poverty Reduction (Jul 2010)

Foley, Peter

Peter Foley is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Arizona and has recently returned from St Deiniol's Library in Wales, where he was Canon Symonds Memorial Scholar.

Fear Not: A Message for Easter from a Researcher on Anglican Schism (Apr 2009)

Frend, William

William Frend, FBA, was Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Glasgow, Bye Fellow of Gonville & Caius, Cambridge, and Editor of the Modern Church journal from 1963 to 1983. He died in 2005.

Scripture and Cyril (Jul 2005)

Frost, Brian

Brian Frost is a Methodist lay preacher and writer.

A Plea For Green Discipleship (Jan 2005)

Fuller, Watson

Watson Fuller is Emeritus Professor of Physics at Keele University.

Liberation and Celebration: Christian Belief in Time and Place (Nov 2006)

Gardner, Matt

The Student Christian Movement is 120! (Apr 2009)

Gardner, Percy

Modernism and Modernity (Apr 1911)

Gilmour, Calum

Dr Calum Gilmour is Managing Director of Polygraphia Ltd, a small publishing company founded in 1998, and a retired priest of the Auckland Diocese.

Scholarship and Fierce Sincerity: Henry D. A. Major, The Face of Anglican Modernism (Jul 2007)

Gorick, Martin

Book Review: At Heaven's Gate - Reflections on Leading Worship (Jul 2011)

Goodchild, Philip

Philip Goodchild is Professor of Religious Studies and Head of the Department Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham.

AudioA Christian Theology of Money (Jul 2010)

Graham, Elaine

Elaine Graham is Grosvenor Research Professor of Practical Theology at the University of Chester and a Modern Church Vice-President.

PDFPassion for Justice: Global and faithful perspectives on human sexuality (Jul 2006)

Grey, Betsy

Betsy Grey is a former Modern Church Press Officer.

Jerry Springer - the Operetta (Apr 2005)

Hall, Richard

Richard Hall is Modern Church Treasurer and a retired tax inspector.

The Media and the Archbishop (Jan 2007)

The 2004 and 2005 conferences: a personal reflection (Oct 2005)

Hart, David Ananda

The Story Behind My 'Conversion' (Oct 2006)

Hartley, Helen-Ann

Revd Dr Helen-Ann Hartley is New Testament Tutor at Ripon College, Cuddesdon.

AudioLiberating Scripture: holding on to fundamentals without being fundamentalist (Jul 2009)

Hellier, Graham

Graham Hellier is a PCN member, a Church of Scotland minister and former Senior Master at a Church of England School. He is author of Free Range Christianity published by Authorhouse.

The illusion of orthodoxy (Jul 2011)

Letter to the Editor (Jan 2011)

"This is my Blood" (Oct 2010)

Travelling from Chalcedon to Crdoba (Apr 2008)

Thou shalt (not) tamper with the text! (Jul 2007)

Afterthoughts (Oct 2006)

Henderson, Nicholas

Revd Dr Nicholas Henderson was Modern Church General Secretary from 1991 to 2002 and is now a Modern Church Vice-president.

Simon Tebbutt: In memoriam (Jan 2010)

Hensman, Savitri

Savitri Hensman was born in Sri Lanka and works in the voluntary sector in London.

God's pilgrim people (Apr 2008)

Hind, Tim

General Synod of the Church of England - July 2008 (Oct 2008)

Hoff, Johannes

Johannes Hoff, Dr. habil., is Lecturer in Theology and Philosophy at the University of Wales, Lampeter and Visiting Lecturer (PD) in Fundamental Theology at the University of Tübingen.

German Theology in Contemporary Society (Jan 2009)

Holmes, Helen

Helen Holmes is a student at Heythrop College, London.

Religion and Science - conference report (Oct 2005)

Jackson, Michael

Rt Revd Dr Michael Jackson is Bishop of Clogher, Church of Ireland.

PDFAnglicanism, blessing or curse - the Irish experience (Jul 2008)

Jowett, Nick

Revd Nick Jowett is Vicar of St Andrew's, Psalter Lane, Sheffield and Diocesan Ecumenical Officer.

Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ (Jan 2008)

Mothering Sunday

Live in the life of Jesus - Mark 1.29-39

Hymn for LEP Anniversary (18 June 2006)

The Syro-Phoenician Woman - Mark 7.24-30

Prayer of Praise

Kelly, Kevin

Kevin Kelly is the Roman Catholic Parish Priest at the shared RC/Anglican Church of St Basil & All Saints in Widnes and Emeritus Research Fellow in Moral Theology at Liverpool Hope University College.

Was it worth the hype? A Reflection written after viewing Mel Gibson's film The Passion of Christ (Jul 2004)

Kerr, Jean

Jean Kerr is Bishop's Officer for Mission & Unity and Canon Missioner, Diocese of Rochester.

Do we speak the same language? A response (Jul 2008)

Leunig, Tim

Dr Tim Leunig teaches at the London School of Economics.

AudioUnderstanding the Financial Crisis (Jul 2010)

Lewin, Patrick

Patrick Lewin was convenor and chair of a philosophical society.

The Pity and the Wonder - Character, Talent, Chance and Destiny (Oct 2006 - Jan 2008)

Katrina: It's an ill wind... (Oct 2005)

Doh! 4 More Years of Dubya (Jan 2005)

Lewis, Stephen

So, what is Man that Thou art mindful of him? (Nov 2007)

Lewis, Richard

Rt Revd Richard Lewis retired in 2007 after 10 years as Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.

Blessed are those who recognise that they may not always be right (Jan 2004)

Long, Suzanne

Suzanne Long MBE is recently retired United Nations Association Policy Officer for Human Rights and Refugees and Migration Issues.

Human Rights, the New Religion? (Jul 2005)

Loughlin, Gerard

Gerard Loughlin is Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Durham.

AudioThe Bible and Film (Jul 2011)

Lund, Rosalind

Rosalind Lund is Modern Church Vice-Chair of Council.

Tributes to Simon Tebbutt (Apr 2010)

Lyle, Karin

Gone for Good? A day conference on church leaving (Oct 2007)

Major, Henry D A

Henry Major was the moving spirit of Modern Church and its primary spokesman from around 1911 until his death in 1961. He edited the Modern Churchman (now Modern Believing) from its inception in 1911 until 1956.

Ourselves and Our Aim (Apr 1911)

Macfarlane, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Macfarlane is Chair of the Group for Rescinding the Act of Synod (GRAS) and a team vicar in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

The Rochester Report: another failure of prophetic imagination? (Jan 2005)

Mackrell, John

John Mackrell is a retired lecturer in French History and a member of Catholics for a Changing Church.

John Paul I: A suitable case for Hercule Poirot? (Oct 2007)

Gay Adoption (Apr 2007)

Benedict XVI: The metaphysical pope and the historical church (Oct 2006)

Benedict XVI: Curia Triumphans (Jul 2005)

Marshall, David

David Marshall is a software developer and former youth worker. He posts on the Ship of Fools discussion boards.

Reflections from a Train (Apr 2008)

Martin, Joan

Richard Martin is a retired physics teacher. He organizes the meetings of the North West regional group of Modern Church.

NW Region Conference Report (Jul 2011)

Martin, Richard

Richard Martin is a retired physics teacher. He organizes the meetings of the North West regional group of Modern Church.

NW Conference report: The Resurrection (Jan 2012)

NW Conference report: The Gospel Infancy Narratives (Oct 2010)

NW Conference report: Liberal Faith and Positive Values (Jun 2010)

Authority - a personal view (Apr 2007)

A People-Centred Church (Oct 2006)

Touch (Apr 2005)

Mayland, Jean

Jean Mayland is a retired priest and former Co-ordinating Secretary and Assistant General Secretary at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

What are we to do about weddings? (Jul 2011)

Wandering in the Wilderness (Apr 2010)

The Green Rebellion in Iran (Jul 2009)

Cosying up to Kaspar (Jan 2009)

General Synod - Update on women bishops (Oct 2008)

When will they get it? (Jul 2008)

Reflections from the Silk Route (Jul 2008)

The Very Revd Alan Webster (Oct 2007)

Women bishops and gays? That's the church for me! (Jul 2006)

No TEA for me thank you (Apr 2006)

Reflections on The Da Vinci Code (Jan 2006)

A People of a Book? - no thanks! (Apr 2005)

Milbank, Alison

Alison Milbank is Associate Professor of Theology at the University of Nottingham, specialising in Literature and Theology.

AudioApocalyptic readings: the Bible and the Novel (Jul 2011)

Mills, Peter

Peter Mills is retired Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth with degrees in mathematics and engineering, a Board Member and Trustee of Amnesty International, and a Modern Church Vice-President.

A Problem with Physics? (Jan 2011)

Simon Tebbutt: In memoriam (Jan 2010)

Mitchell, Donn

Donn Mitchell is editor of The Anglican Examiner.

Seeing Christ in Human Rights (Apr 2008)

Modern Church

Instead of the Anglican Covenant (Dec 2011)

Liberal Theology (leaflet text) (Revised Sep 2011)

PDFPress release: Wakefield Diocese rejects the Covenant (16 Mar 2011)

Anglican Covenant: Church of England resources (Feb 2011)

General Synod leaflet: What will the Anglican Covenant do to the Church? (Nov 2010)

PDFWho runs the Church? Advertisement in Church Times and Church of England Newspaper (29 Oct 2010)

A very un-Anglican Covenant (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: The Anglican Communion and its beliefs (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: The Windsor Report (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: That 1998 Lambeth Conference (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Is gay and lesbian sex contrary to Anglican teaching? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Doesn't the Bible forbid gay sex? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Why is there so much controversy about same-sex partnerships? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Why is the Church so obsessed with sex? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Adiaphora, 'indifferent things' and same-sex partnerships (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Puritans, sectarianism and the Bible (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: How was the text decided? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Squaring the circle - making the voluntary compulsory (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: How is it designed to work? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: The power of the Standing Committee (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: The threats to split the Anglican Communion (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Why did church leaders side with the campaigners against the North American churches? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Freedom of thought or a confessional church? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Would be in some ways the biggest change to the Church since the Reformation (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: What if we already had it? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: What happens to provinces which do not sign? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Are liberals trying to impose a revisionist agenda on the Church? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Pre-empting the Covenant (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Why it won't work (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: It would make churches more backward-looking (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: It would make churches more inward-looking (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: It would increase interference from outside (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: It would make churches more centralised and clerical (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: It would restrict options in parishes (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: It would hinder ecumenical relations (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Would it treat the Church of England differently from other provinces? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Would it have prevented the ordination of women? (Jul 2010)

Anglican Covenant: Who will pay? How will it be accounted? (Jul 2010)

Letter to the bishops of Los Angeles diocese (14 Dec 2009)

Women Bishops and the Revision Committee (Nov 2009)

Communion, Covenant and our Anglican Future: MCU's reply to Drs Williams and Wright (Aug 2009)

Church Times insert (Oct 2007)

Intercessory Prayer - a Google of ideas (Oct 2007)

Lake Malawi still has no bishop (Oct 2007)

The Draft Anglican Covenant: MCU's response - summary of the arguments (Jul 2007)

The MCU and the Covenant (Jul 2007)

Eames Commission submission (Jul 2004)

Morgan, Barry

Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan is Archbishop of Wales and a Modern Church Vice President.

PDFR. S. Thomas' Religious Poetry. Questions not Answers: A way forward for the Anglican Communion? (Jul 2008)

Morling, David

Revelation - extracts from an email discussion (Jul 2008)

Mwamba, Trevor

Rt Revd Musonda Trevor Mwamba is Bishop of Botswana and Dean of the Province of Central Africa.

PDFA Holy Mess and the Grace of Ambiguity (Jul 2008)

Newell, Edmund

Revd Canon Edmund Newell is Sub-Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, formerly Research Fellow in Economic History at Nuffield College Oxford.

AudioShifting Paradigms (Jul 2010)

Northcott, Michael

Michael Northcott is Professor of Ethics at the University of Edinburgh.

AudioSustainable Development and the Credit Crunch (Jul 2010)

Orton, Richard

Richard Orton is a retired vicar.

Fertility Religion and Ancestor Worship in Deepest Yorkshire (Nov 2006)

Pattison, George

George Pattison is Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford.

Theology in the Church (Apr 2006)

Pattison, Marie

Handwashing Liturgy

Percy, Martyn

Revd Canon Prof Martyn Percy is Principal of Ripon College Cuddesdon.

Dialogue and Difference (Apr 2006)

Pittenger, Norman

Norman Pittenger was an Anglican theologian who died in 1997. He played an important role as promoter of process theology and became one of the first acknowledged Christian defenders for the open acceptance of homosexual relations among Christians.

PDFWhat About Evil? (1980s)

Plant, John

John Plant is Team Rector of the Market Bosworth Benefice in the Diocese of Leicester and Modern Church Chair of Council.

PDFChurch Times letter (Jun 2007)

Poynton, Liz

Liberal Faith and Positive Values: NW Regional Group conference report (Oct 2010)

Prendergast, Martin

Martin Prendergast is Executive Secretary of Catholics for AIDS Prevention & Support, and a founder member of the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement.

PDFBeyond Individualism: the ecology of sex and sexuality (Jul 2006)

Pritchard, Judith

Letter: This year's conference (Oct 2007)

Quenby, John

John Quenby is a Professor of Physics at Imperial College, London, specialising in astrophysics.

Science And Religion: Avoiding The Conflict (Jul 2007)

Race, Alan

The Revd Dr Alan Race is Dean of Postgraduate Studies, St. Philip's Centre, Leicester, and author of numerous books and articles in Theology of Religions.

Edinburgh 1910 to 2010: a Century of Being Changed (Jul 2010)

Violence: a Stubborn Pandemic - Reflections on the 2007 MCU Conference (Oct 2007)

Gathered here in celebration

Rayment-Pickard, Hugh

Inclusive, Confident, Faithful: A Response to Rowan Williams (Jan 2007)

Rayner, Chris

Chris Rayner is a geologist and Methodist lay-preacher.

Religious Symbolism: Does it Need Changing? (Nov 2006)

Rees, Mark

Mark Rees is an associate lecturer at a college of further education and an associate student at the South East Institute for Theological Education.

An Extra-ordinary Service (Jul 2005)

A Cause for Shame? (Oct 2004)

Robinson, Jonathan

The Grail Liturgies (2010)

Roe, Mary

Mary Roe is a retired RE teacher, lay reader, widow of a bishop, and member of the Modern Church Council.

Only One Way? (Jan 2012)

Book Review: Lorraine Cavanagh, Making Sense of God's Love (Oct 2011)

An Anthem for Modern Church (Oct 2011)

Puzzled by choice of St Hilda (19 Nov 2010)

Recollections of confirmation (Apr 2008)

Conscientious objection (Jul 2007)

Faith at School (Jan 2007)

Mary, Grace and Hope in Christ (Jul 2005)

Thoughts on the Gambling Bill (Jan 2005)

Rolfe, Jane

Letters to the Editor (Apr 2011)

Rowell, Geoffrey

Rt Revd Geoffrey Rowell is Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe.

AudioFor what we have received... (Jul 2009)

Rowland, Christopher

Christopher Rowland is Dean Ireland's Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture at the University of Oxford.

AudioWilliam Blake and the King James Version of the Bible (Jul 2011)

Saxbee, John

John Saxbee was Bishop of Lincoln and Modern Church President until his retirement in 2011. He is now a Modern Church Vice-president.

The economic impact of immigration (Jan 2009)

PDFChurch Times letter (Jun 2007)

PDFA Response to The Draft Anglican Convenant (Nassau) (May 2007)

Leading an Embattled Church? (Jan 2007)

General Synod - the Next Five Years (Jan 2006)

Shakespeare, Stephen

Inclusive, Confident, Faithful: A Response to Rowan Williams (Jan 2007)

Sheard, Alan

Dr Alan Sheard is former Director of Public Health for East Yorkshire.

PDFCreated by God: Christianity and Homosexuality in the 21st Century (3rd edition, 2010)

Remembering Mary (Oct 2009)

Smith, Brian

Rt Revd Brian Smith retired as Bishop of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church on 11 August 2011 and is a Modern Church Vice-President.

AudioLiberating the Church for Today and Tomorrow (Jul 2009)

Smith, John MacDonald

John MacDonald Smith was a retired Anglican priest. He died in November 2011.

The Bug with a Propeller up its Bum (Apr 2008)

A Plea for the Deluded (Apr 2007)

Smith, Paul

Revelation - extracts from an email discussion (Jul 2008)

Stavrakopoulou, Francesca

Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou is Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Exeter.

AudioGod's Ex-Wife: What Price Monotheism? (Jul 2011)

Stead, Tim

Tim Stead is priest in charge at Holy Trinity Headington Quarry, Oxford.

Book review: Touching the Sacred (Apr 2011)

Stedeford, Averil

Averil Stedeford is a retired GP, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Scripture Twisters (Jan 2012)

Storey, David

Shifting Paradigms: Theology and Economics in the 21st Century - conference report (Oct 2010)

Mr and Mrs Jesus and their son (Apr 2007)

Stretch, Lewis

Letter: The Meanings of Certainty (Jan 2007)

Taylor, David

David Taylor worked in publishing and is now retired and living in North Wales.

Assisted Dying - NW region conference report (Jan 2010)

Faith in a Darwinian World - NW region conference report (Oct 2009)

Creation and Darwin's evolutionary theory (Jan 2008)

The Authority of the Bible (Oct 2007)

Religion and Reality (Nov 2006)

The Bishops' Pastoral Statement (Oct 2005)

For Me The Angels Sing (Jul 2004)

Taylor, Mary

Mary Taylor is a freelance writer on religious affairs. She lives in Belfast, N Ireland.

Graffiti is My Religion: Evangelizing Evanescence in Belfast, N Ireland (Jan 2011)

What's Wrong With Creationism? (Oct 2010)

Liberal Anglicans defend diversity (Jan 2009)

Parsifal on Ice (Oct 2008)

Taylor, Simon J

Simon Taylor is an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Bristol.

The Windsor Report: A Guide (Jan 2005)

Tebbutt, Simon

Simon Tebbutt was a longstanding member of Modern Church and a Council member, Trustee, Vice-Chair and most recently Vice-President. He died in 2009.

The Revd Professor W H C Frend (Oct 2005)

Thatcher, Adrian

Adrian Thatcher is Visiting Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Exeter and Editor of Modern Believing.

Modern Believing editorial (Jan 2012)

Conference Afterword (Oct 2011)

The Savage Text (Oct 2008)

PDFJustice for children too! (Jul 2006)

Thistlewood, Michael

WordAnnual cycle of prayers and Bible readings

Topp, Hilary

Hilary Topp is SCM National Co-ordinator.

SCM News (Apr 2011)

Treweek, Guy

Guy Treweek is Assistant Curate of St Peter, Black Lion Lane, Hammersmith.

AudioWealth Creation? The Ethics of Making Money (Jul 2010)

Truss, Richard

Revd Canon Richard Truss retired as Vicar of St John's, Waterloo in 2008. He is a Modern Church Vice President.

The Economics of Good and Evil (Jan 2012)

Simon Tebbutt: In memoriam (Jan 2010)

Church Planting with Menaces (Jan 2006)

Tyers, Philip

Eucharistic Prayer

Ward, Keith

Keith Ward is a philosopher and theologian, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University Emeritus, and an ordained priest in the Church of England.

AudioLiberalism as openness to creative change (Jul 2009)

WATCH (Women and the Church)

Resources for debates about women bishops (Jan 2011)

Watson, Brenda

Reactions to the 2011 conference (Oct 2011)

Letters to the Editor (Apr 2011)

Letter: Reply to The Meanings of Certainty (Jul 2007)

Wilcock, Rob

Lambeth Conference 2008 - a young person's perspective (Oct 2009)

Wilson, Claire

Donald Barnes - a further tribute (Oct 2011)

Winkett, Lucy

Lucy Winkett is Rector of St James's Church, Picadilly in London and former precentor of St Paul's Cathedral.

AudioLiberalism: Theological and Economic (Jul 2009)

Wolfe, Alan

Book Review: Stephen Cottrell, The Nail (Jan 2012)

Book Review: Helen-Ann Hartley, Making Sense of the Bible (Oct 2011)

Shifting Paradigms: Theology and Economics in the 21st Century - conference report (Oct 2010)

Wollaston, Barbara

Reflections on NW region day conference (Jan 2007)

Wollaston, Oenone

Dr Oenone Wollaston is a Christian G.P. with a special interest in geriatrics and end-of-life issues.

Medical ethical concerns surrounding end-of-life issues (Nov 2007)

Wooff, Erica

Revd Erica Wooff is Executive Secretary of Inclusive Church.

Partnership and Promotion: the Inclusive Church Campaign 2005 (Jan 2006)

Woollard, Anthony

Anthony Woollard taught Theology at William Temple College before entering the Civil Service where he spent most of his career in the the Department of Education.

The End of the Dream? (Jan 2012)

Now It Is Our Turn (Oct 2011)

Mind the Gap (Jul 2011)

Of making many books there is no end (Apr 2011)

The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality (CSCS) (Apr 2011)

Counting the Members, Members who Count (Jan 2011)

The Power of Symbols (Oct 2010)

To Thine Own Self Be True, or, Things New And Old (Jul 2010)

Religion and politics (Apr 2010)

Editorial (Jan 2010)

Book review - Katharine Jefferts Schori, The Gospel in the Global Village (Jan 2010)

Liberalism in Process (Oct 2009)

Wicked Texts and the Lure of Puritanism (Jul 2009)

Religio rediviva (Apr 2009)

Back to Basics (Jan 2009)

Until the Harvest (Oct 2008)

'Fresh Expressions' - but of what? (Jul 2008)

Mr and Mrs Jesus and their son (Apr 2007)

Wootton, Janet

Rev Dr Janet Wootton is Director of Studies for the Congregational Federation. Until the end of 2003, she was minister of Union Chapel, Islington, an inner city church with an active homelessness project and a varied music programme.

PDFA Dissenter's view of Anglicanism and Establishment (Jul 2008)