Anglican Covenant

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Modern Church has been sceptical about the content and implications of the Windsor process since it began.

The official papers:

This page lists Modern Church's responses in relation to the process.

Covenant Final Text

March 2011
The case against the Anglican Covenant - a paper delivered by Jonathan Clatworthy at the SEARCH Colloquium in Dublin.
PDFPress release reporting the rejection of the Covenant by clergy and laity at the Wakefield Diocesan Synod meeting on 12 March.
February 2011
Church of England resources - three documents for presenting the case against the Covenant in diocesan synods
November 2010
Reply to Andrew Goddard, Jonathan Clatworthy
PDFLetter to the Church Times, John Plant and Giles Goddard
Reply to defenders of the Anglican Covenant, Jonathan Clatworthy
What will the Anglican Covenant do to the Church? joint Modern Church and Inclusive Church leaflet sent to all members of the C of E General Synod
October 2010
PDFWho runs the Church? joint Modern Church and Inclusive Church advertisement in the Church Times and Church of England Newspaper
July 2010
The Covenant pages
January 2010
Response by Jonathan Clatworthy to Neal Michell's article Is the Anglican Covenant Non-Anglican?

Communion, Covenant and our Anglican Future

August 2009
Reply to papers by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Durham regarding the decision by the Episcopal Church of the USA to abandon its earlier moratoria on same-sex blessings and openly homosexual bishops.

The St Andrews Draft

February 2009
PDFBriefing Paper for General Synod Members, Paul Bagshaw.
July 2008
PDFWho Steers the Ship? The poverty of the Draft Anglican Covenant, Paul Bagshaw (MCU Forewords Booklet, June 2008).
PDFUnfit For Purpose, or why a pan-Anglican Covenant at this time is a very bad idea! Marilyn McCord Adams (Paper given at the 2008 MCU Conference).
The Covenant Will Not Do, Paul Bagshaw (Article in Signs of the Times, July 2008).
February 2008
PDFBriefing Paper for General Synod, Jonathan Clatworthy and Paul Bagshaw.
PDFA flow chart showing the proposed disciplinary process (Appendix to the St Andrews draft), Paul Bagshaw.

The Nassau Draft

February 2008
PDFReply to the Church of England's Response to the Draft Anglican Covenant, Jonathan Clatworthy and Paul Bagshaw.
May - July 2007
PDFResponse, by Jonathan Clatworthy, Paul Bagshaw and John Saxbee, Bishop of Lincoln (prepared for the meeting of General Synod in July 2007 and submitted to the Anglican Communion Office as our response to the consultation). This was later submitted as a briefing paper to the Church of England's General Synod (in GS 1661). Summary of arguments.
15 June 2007
PDFLetter to the Church Times, John Plant.
29 June 2007
PDFLetter to the Church Times, John Saxbee, Bishop of Lincoln.
19 July 2007
Bouncing the Covenant through the Anglican Communion, Paul Bagshaw (Article in Signs of the Times, July 2007).

The Listening Process

June 2007
Responses to the Study Guide produced for the 2008 Lambeth Conference, by Jonathan Clatworthy:

Towards an Anglican Covenant

November 2006
PDFResponse, Paul Bagshaw and Jonathan Clatworthy.
1 December 2006
PDFWhy we are writing to the bishops, Jonathan Clatworthy, published in the Church Times.

Challenge and Hope

July 2006
A Two-tier Anglicanism? editorial by Jonathan Clatworthy in Signs of the Times.

The Windsor Report

The Windsor Report: A Guide, Simon J. Taylor in Signs of the Times.
The Windsor Report: A Liberal Response, Jonathan Clatworthy and David Taylor (eds.) (O Books, Winchester & New York, 2005).
Concluding chapter, Jonathan Clatworthy.

The Eames Commission

July 2004
Submission opposing sanctions with respect to the appointment of a gay bishop or the approval of same-sex marriages.

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